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The Camping & Caravanning Club, 08 June 2011
1. Tents come in all shapes, sizes, designs and prices, which can be very confusing for the beginner.

2. The starting point has to be a camping supplier with a good display of tents, even better if you can get along to a tent show or camping exhibitions with a large range of tents to view.

3. Consider your needs whether family or couple and remember a manufacturer’s description of a three berth tent is more likely to be a two berth with a little breathing space.

4. Spend your money wisely, while buying the best quality you can afford is good advice, spending hundreds of pounds extra on a compact lightweight tent when you have a spacious estate car to fill does not make sense.

5. Don’t spend all your money on the tent; make sure you leave enough for accessories. Good sleeping bags in particular are worth spending out on, a cold night in a lightweight bag means you are not going to enjoy your holiday.

6. Often overlooked is the pegs, too often tent manufacturers produce excellent tents, but provide simple steel pin pegs, which are fine until the wind starts to blow and pins become loose.
A few extra wide pegs and maybe a few rock pegs for hard ground will prepare you for any eventuality and don’t forget a good mallet and a peg puller!
7. A couple of  tips to ensure a good holiday -  put your new tent up in the back garden first, better to find out how to erect it in calm conditions and to discover if  pegs or any poles are missing.
Secondly, take a roll of wide duct tape with you, it’s so useful to bind up split tent poles or a make a temporary fabric repair needed when the kids get too boisterous.

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