Five Reasons to Go Walking in the Autumn

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Hi-Tec, 12 October 2011
As the nights draw in and the weather gets cooler it can be tempting to pack away your walking boots and prepare to spend your evenings indoors. However, by doing so, you could be missing out on some great walking conditions, amazing sights and health benefits.  In fact, autumn is one of the best seasons to do some serious walking.  Let these five reasons and the amazing pictures from Hi-Tec’s image wall inspire you to get out into the great outdoors this autumn.

1. Colder weather is excellent for walking
Traditionally, autumn makes for chillier weather, however there’s nothing better than wrapping up warm and getting outside. Cooler temperatures mean that you can tackle more challenging walks before it gets even colder.  In autumn and winter, the health benefits of walking are even more important. Keeping up your exercise regime during autumn can help keep those winter sniffles at bay.

The weather, bad or good can really help to enhance scenery. The sun streaming through black clouds is an awesome sight, while cloud formations can easily enhance an already stunning backdrop. Autumn gives us a unique combination of glowing sunshine and moody skies that doesn’t occur during the rest of the year.

2. Fight the Winter Blues
During the winter, shorter daylight hours can seriously affect your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects 24% of the UK’s population and is caused by a biochemical imbalance. This is a direct result of the lack of sunlight which occurs during the winter months. SAD symptoms can range from the mild winter blues to feelings of severe depression.

Often SAD can be avoided by making the most of daylight; going for a walk during the autumn is an excellent way of soaking up as much of the scarce sunlight as possible. It will help your Vitamin D reserves, release endorphins and boost circulation, as we head into winter, to help combat those December down days.

3. Get back to nature
In autumn, nature puts on a rather spectacular show; leaves turn bright shades or gold and bronze, apple trees and some autumn berries will be bearing fruit and conkers, while pine cones and acorns will start to pepper the ground. Searching for these things along your way can make a walk more interesting for children too.

Autumn can also make it easier to spot wildlife. At this time of year squirrels are highly visible as they are gathering food for the winter. Birds and other animals will also be easier to find because of the sparse foliage.

4. Earlier sunsets mean stunning scenery
Many people dread the longer nights and darker evenings of winter- especially when the clocks go back but an early sunset does have some advantages; going for a walk at dusk can reveal some spectacular scenery, whether it’s eerie shadows amongst trees,  historical ruins or the sunset reflected in lakes or the sea. Autumn sunsets offers an impressive colour show, relatively early in the evening, that you would not be able to see at other times of the year.

5. Treat all your senses
Unlike other seasons autumn can evoke some very distinctive sensory memories. The smell of bonfires is widely associated with autumn, as is the sound of them crackling. Going for a walk on a chilly autumn evening can prove to be a delight for all the senses.

For some awe-inspiring images, taken by real walkers out and about in the UK, visit Hi-Tec’s inspiring image wall, where you can also find details of walks in different UK counties.

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