The first European reuse exchange for used outdoor gear launches - Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG)

Outdoor Industries Association, 24 October 2011
Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) is the first European reuse exchange for used outdoor gear

The UK is the second largest outdoor market in Europe with sales in excess of £1.46bn in 2010.

Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) is a free of charge, internet based service, dedicated to helping swap, sell, buy or donate unwanted but serviceable used outdoor gear, so long as it is not a weapon of any description and doesn’t have an engine. Even the big stuff  like canoes, skies, snowboards, tents etc. all are welcome.

ROG also encourages free wanted ads. So if you are looking for a particular long forgotten item or perhaps would be able to make good use of a particular waterproof, fleece, canoe, snowboard, skis, boots put your own free wanted listing on the service. If you are looking for gear to be used by a school, youth group or similar groups encouraging people into the great outdoors please make sure you put that in your listing or ad. because we all like to help if we can.

Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) is also working hard to increase awareness and understanding of recycling and reuse outdoor gear initiatives by charities. Donating unwanted outdoor gear to a particular charity initiative is an excellent way to ensure its second life potential.

“I hope to develop ROG into a one stop service for all activities relevant to recycling and the reuse of outdoor gear. To do this we need brands and retailers help to make customers aware of ROG on your point of sale, advertising and digital content. If your organisation has a brand specific recycling or reuse initiative please let me know and I will make ensure its all on ROG”. said Sarah Howcroft founder of ROG

The ROG blog is a great place to highlight what’s happening on ROG. The place to write about all the outdoor gear recycling and reuse stories. What we recycled, how we did it, what we are reusing or donating. Companies and organisations can submit a blog post, photo's and videos etc.

ROG is very grateful to the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) and Rohan for their support and encouragement.

Andrew Denton - Chief Executive, Outdoor Industries Association UK said
"The Outdoor Industries Association welcomes, endorses and supports the launch of the 'Recycle Outdoor Gear' website. We are the not-for-profit trade body that represent the Outdoors trade in the UK and as a group we are committed to improving the overall ecological and environmental impact of our industry. As well as being members of the European Outdoor Group, the Conservation Association and EOG Sustainability Working Group, we are  actively working to find ways to provide leadership example for sustainability in the UK Outdoor trade. The ROG website ensures our members and our members customers can make an active impact on the amount of Outdoor product wasted or discarded, ensures best practice in repair, exchange and donation and will directly lead to less waste and better use of equipment's life-time value." 

Why Rohan? Sarah Howcroft is founder of ROG and co-founder of Rohan.  Enough said.

“Their joint encouragement demonstrates that when members of the industry work together a great deal can be accomplished. In the current business climate maybe a more collaborative approach to some of the major issues could prove beneficial to everyone”. Sarah Howcroft  

Contact: Sarah Howcroft  on  for more information

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