Minimal Impact: Climbing

By The Outdoor Industry Association, 08 March 2011

Find out how to reduce the damage we cause to the natural environment when Climbing.

Davy EICA Ratho Winter climbing

Winter Climbing – hot tips for cold climbing!

The last two winters have been a dream for climbers and mountaineers in the UK – cold, snowy weather and plenty of it! If you’re new to winter climbing or just want some tips, here are my top-ten:

Davy at EICA:Ratho, 12 December 2011
bouldering alpkit

Tips for first time bouldering

Get some great advice from the experts on how to get into bouldering this winter.

Alpkit, 07 September 2011
Climbing gear checklist

Gear checklist for....climbing

Climbing is a fun sport both indoors and outdoors and is great for your fitness as well as your limits! Having the right gear (and know how) is essential for your safety so check out our checklist.

Tiso, 05 April 2011

Instructors top tips for beginner climbers

If you are new to climbing or have been climbing for a while and struggling to make progress; STOP NOW AND READ ON!

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, 05 April 2011
eica, bomber

Bomber and Euan's top training tips

EICA climbing instructors Bomber and Euan share their top tips on how to improve your climbing technique and performance.

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, 05 April 2011
eica endurance

Endurance training; it's all about the pump!

You may have heard the term ‘pumped’ when climbing. This basically means that your forearms become filled with lactic acid after repeated contractions of the muscles. Tips to improve your endurance..

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, 05 April 2011

The must have outdoor glossary

Campsites come in all shapes and sizes and the choice can be awesome.The Camping and Caravanning Club introduce some different types and explain how you can find some good ones.

By Sarah Howcroft, Rohantime, 04 April 2011
costwold rock climbing

Climbing: Getting started and the right gear

Regardless of whether you climb indoors or outside on easy-angled, steep or overhanging rock, all forms of climbing ultimately boil down to just one thing: the ability to make progress.

By Paul Deegan and Kenton Cool, Cotswold Outdoors, 03 April 2011
lowe alpine rucksack

Choosing and packing daysacks, rucksacks and travel luggage

This article is a precursor to buying your first backpack, be it a daysack or an expedition rucksack. Happy Packing!

By Paul Deegan, Cotswold Outdoor, 03 April 2011
cotswold hot weather

What to wear when active in hot weather

Paul Deegan outlines some of the options for hot weather clothing and equipment in arid, humid, and high altitude climates.

By Paul Deegan, Cotwold Outdoor, 02 April 2011

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